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How are you dealing with pain?

If you’re dealing with pain from minor injuries, accidents, or an ongoing affliction, we have the pain relief treatments you need. Our doctor will provide you with immediate pain relief for your symptoms but also ensure the results last. We’ve been helping those in the Tampa bay area heal and recover from injuries, and we’re ready to help you get back to a healthy and active lifestyle too.


Are you feeling pain or notice redness in your joints? These are the signs of deteriorated cartilage caused by arthritis. Our medical professionals in Tarpon Springs will identify your symptoms and provide you with the best all-natural pain relief treatment for your arthritis pain. Our therapies are drug-free, non-surgical, and proven to yield long-term results.

arthritis pain relief in tarpon springs

What Causes Arthritis?

Causes of arthritis are unique to the form of the disease that you have. For example, rheumatoid arthritis stems from infections or environmental factors. Your genetics may cause antibodies that fight infections or diseases to attack other things like your cartilage, which develops into arthritis pain.

Osteoarthritis is another form of the disease and is identified by redness, inflammation, and heat in the joints. As your cartilage wears away, and osteoarthritis develops further, your joints degenerate and raw bones rub on each other, leading to more pain.

If you have post-traumatic arthritis, it likely developed after a fracture or joint dislocation. When your body secretes certain hormones following an injury, it can cause cartilage cells to breakdown.

Arthritis Pain Relief

We offer traditional therapies like chiropractic care. Our chiropractor assesses your range of motion and the effects of your arthritis. Chiropractic adjustments improve function and reduce inflammation of arthritic areas, helping your body with relief from arthritis pain. The doctor will then advise you on how an adjustment and lifestyle changes can help you manage arthritis. Our chiropractors will gently manipulate your spine to correct posture issues and relieve unnecessary stress on discs, muscles, and nerves in the back, as well as on other areas of your body suffering from discomfort. 

Types of Arthritis

You may be experiencing one of the four most prevalent forms of arthritis, which include:

Rheumatoid arthritis: 

The disease develops as your immune system attacks healthy joints, organs, and tissues. In severe arthritis pain cases, rheumatoid arthritis can deform or even change a joint permanently.

Post-traumatic arthritis: 

This type develops after a joint injury. Tendinitis or ligament tears may occur instantly, or well after the initial injury.


The most common type, and it’s also referred to as degenerative joint disease. Your cartilage wears away over time, and in extreme cases, it completely disappears.

Psoriatic Arthritis: 

This arthritic condition occurs when psoriasis escalates and affects the joints (typically, in the fingers and toes). If your spine is affected, back pain will occur in addition to other joint pain.

Our doctors have the experience and resources to treat all types of arthritic conditions with regenerative medicine and chiropractic care. We’ve helped people throughout the entire Tampa Bay area relieve their pain, and we’re ready to provide a treatment plan for your condition as well.

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